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The World’s Oldest Basketball Court

Basketball is a popular sport, that was first “partially experienced” in December 1891 when two physical education professors in Springfield, Massachusetts tried to keep their class active through indoor games.

The floor on which this game is played on is called the “basketball court” and consists of rectangular tiled floor. It is highly polished and may be made up of wood, maple, asphalt or concrete depending upon the location (indoor or outdoor).

Basketball courts in general:

Apparently, an average basketball court has a court length of 94 feet, width of 50 feet, rim height 10 feet, restricted arc radius as 4 feet and center circle diameter as 12 feet. In the NBA, the 3 point line, that which separates from 2 point area measures between 22 feet to 23.75 feet in length. Of all the basketball courts in the world, the most famous and well-designed one is Rucker Park in New York, United States.

About the world’s oldest basketball court:

As I said in the introduction; this phenomenal game came into being in December 1891 in YMCA, Massachusetts, US. However, the oldest basketball court on the planet is located in the 9th endorsement in the city of Paris. It is known as Rue de Trevise court. It is the oldest existing one, the previous court being the one in Springfield but was destroyed due to a fire.

YMCA has three logo motives that are: – a healthy “body, mind and spirit, ” principles carried on to modern fitness philosophies such as those at Men’s Health, Bodybuilding.com and Piranha Sports. These principles were followed to its building in Paris, where all these facilities were provided to balance out the exercise and maintain a healthy art of living.

The brilliant architect of YMCA hostel in Paris was Emile Benard who helped lay a foundation to the court back in 1892. In the beginning, Emile had no motives of designing a basketball court. However, the building was closely affiliated with YMCA, US campus and was formed just one year after the actual concept of basketball came into being.

The rules of the game were published in the newsletter and it began clenching the interest of the readers. An American sports instructor named Melvin Rideout was sent to the Paris campus of YMCA, and apparently he was the entity who actually brought life to the court. He helped TO set up all the facilities and train the French staff with the newly formulated concept of the game.

On this very first basketball court, a football was used along with fruit baskets back in 1892, and the first official match took place on 27th of December, 1893.

Features of the court:

The basement of the building has an indoor pool (the first one to be built in France), and also a bowling alley. The mezzanine balcony level was actually built as a cycle track, and the building also has a theatre (Theatre Trevise), which hosts stand-up comedy shows etc.

The court is no longer in use for official matches, however there are small games being played every Saturday. The gymnasium however radiates the sight of its rich History with well reserved Hungarian point parquet flooring, and a collection of wooden bars.


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